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Organization Leads to Success
By Bob Sokoler
These are the agents who consistently rank among the top 100 agents in your market. What makes them so successful? Here's a roadmap to follow so that you can join that elite group of top 100 agents in your city.
My real estate team includes 16 buyer's agents, and I can instantly identify who will make well over $100,000 this year and who won't. These are the attributes commonly associated with success:
  • Dedication
  • Work Ethic
  • Energy Level
  • Confidence 
While these are all important attributes of top agents, you can climb your way to the top using a different strategy: massive amounts of organization. When it comes down to it, all of us should be willing to adopt the four basic principles listed above—after all, we chose this profession. Hopefully we knew what was expected of us before we invested in the education to become a real estate agent.
Looking at my own team, the difference between the average agents and the very successful agents boils down to organization. As a coach for Workman Success Systems, we talk to our clients about tracking their daily success habits, or focusing on dollar-productive activities. All of my agents are taught this, but some are following these guidelines more closely and organizing their dollar-productive activities to a much higher level—and seeing great results.
Here's an outline you can follow:
  • As soon as a buyer lead comes in (it can be from any source), make 8-12 attempts to make contact via phone, text and email over the next two weeks.
  • Upon receipt of the lead, information immediately goes into your Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Each attempt to contact the lead is noted in the notes field with date, time and results of the call. (The national average shows contact being made between the 8th and 10th call.)
  • The calendar entry will look like this:
    • Subject line: call client's name and source of lead. Remember, you want to track every lead source
    • Location line: telephone number. (You can actually dial from a calendar entry on your phone by touching the phone number.)
    • The body of the calendar entry includes the date, time and results of the call. 
After each attempt, the calendar entry is moved forward based on the results. For example, if there's been no contact, the calendar entry is moved ahead to the next day. Before your day is over, all calendar events have been touched and/or moved forward. There are no exceptions.
When you make contact with a lead, try to connect with the buyer on any level possible. Get their permission to call the following week to update their search and move the calendar entry forward one week. Make sure you stick to your schedule so that nothing falls through the cracks.
The agents who follow this procedure consistently will see the number of buyers they're working with increase. Not only are you showing potential clients persistence and consistency, but you're also developing a relationship they will come to respect and expand when it comes time to buy that next home.
Bob Sokoler is the owner of a Kentucky real estate team that sold more than 404 properties in 2016, and more than 340 properties in 2015.
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