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Find Your 'Why'
By the Experts at Buffini and Company
If you're like many agents, you may wonder how you can keep motivated to succeed and reach your goals. How can you tell if you're uninspired? Do you seem consumed by negative emotions? Do you feel stuck or like you're not living up to your potential? When a challenge arises, do you feel creatively blocked in finding a solution?
Find Your 'Why'
A "why" is the reason someone does what they do. When an agent has a "why," they not only feel motivated, but also full of positive energy. They feel empowered to tackle the challenges that arise and see them as an opportunity to find and apply innovative solutions. Not only that, they feel they're living up to their full potential every day and love what they do because they can see the difference they're making.
One of the easiest ways to find your "why" is to answer these five simple questions:
  1. Why am I in this business?
  2. What do I like about what I do?
  3. When do I feel fulfilled or happiest?
  4. When do I feel that I am maximizing my full potential?
  5. What does my life look like in a year? In five years? 
These questions will help you assess your priorities and figure out what motivates you. When your priorities are in order, you'll be able to define your purpose and connect your daily activities to help you achieve you goals. In the end, this'll make you happier in your work and in your life overall.
5 Tips to Get Inspired
When know your "why," you can reconnect with your inspiration whenever you feel your motivation beginning to wane. Here are some suggestions to help get back on track:
1. Visualize. Visualize the life you want to lead. When you visualize the life you want to lead, you become inspired to achieve it. Visualizing will help you continue taking steps toward making your vision a reality.
2. Get inspired by others. What do the most inspirational stories have in common? They feature people who persevered in the face of adversity. Take a moment to think of a story that inspires you, whether from the news, a book or a movie. Why was it inspirational? Your answer may help you find your "why."
3. Seek inspiration in your struggles. Everyone has faced setbacks in life, and you are no different. Look back at the struggles and setbacks you've overcome to find inspiration. Remembering what you've overcome can give you perspective and reconnect you with your "why."
4. Connect with other real estate professionals. Networking with other professionals is not only motivating; it can also help you remember why you joined the business in the first place. Connecting to your reasons for becoming an agent can help you remember your purpose, as well.
5. Disconnect to recharge. Sometimes the only way to reconnect with one's internal voice is to turn off the gadgets for an hour and get moving outside. Exercise pumps blood to the brain and encourages it to think of creative solutions to current challenges. Plus, the combination of fresh air and nature often helps to boost motivation and recharge our batteries. If you are struggling to come up with a "why," stepping out may help you discover it.
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