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Harness the Power of Your Relationships Inside and Outside the Industry
By Rick Geha
Relationships are the key to success in the real estate business. There's nothing to argue about. It's not an opinion; it's an official foundational fact about real estate.
You created relationships long before you got into real estate. In fact, the Census Bureau says that anyone who has graduated from high school knows approximately 2,000 people by first name. And while you probably don't remember all the people you actually know, or at least knew at one time or another, your database of people you know needs to be growing constantly, and it's up to you to make it happen.
So, what do you need to do about all this? Well, let's just say that your success in life (not just in real estate) is going to be proportional to the number of amazing relationships you create for the sake of the relationship, not for the sake of a hidden or alternate agenda. While this may be difficult for some of you, others may enjoy the task too much. Either way, I've found that the more I make a conscious choice to meet new people, stay in contact and create great relationships, the more successful I become.
In fact, taking the time to build relationships, and then nurture and maintain them, has paid tons of dividends.
What if I could show you how to make those relationships become catalysts for exponential growth in your life and business?
This happens through leveraging the relationships you have both inside and outside the industry.
If the old adage is true, that if you have lots of money, you usually have no time, and if you have lots of time, you have no money, what if we could change that permanently? It's actually pretty simple, and can also be achieved through leverage. It's what most people are looking for in their lives as they look toward creating systems that allow them to bring in revenue with less effort on their part.
Here's where the power lies. By having a system that communicates with your database of clients on a regular basis, you are, in fact, leveraging that database to be bringing you business. There are even systems that allow you to leave voicemails for your entire database, as well as those that send eNewsletters (or snail mail if you prefer) to everyone in your database once a month.   
While staying in touch on a consistent basis is important, any form of communication with your database needs to include calls to action. Show them that they're valuable, and that by staying associated with you, they'll benefit by being in a relationship with you. Events are another great leverage tool that will allow you to create a lot of business while expending very little focused energy on certain systems and activities. And, more importantly, remember that you can leverage relationships inside and outside the industry in a very similar fashion. 
Most of the systems I use—and my ability to leverage my relationships in the most effective manner—come from getting coached and being held accountable. I don't mean for that to be a commercial for coaching, but rather, a gentle reminder to take a look in the mirror and ask if you're currently living up to your full potential and honoring the time you've set aside for your loved ones and family, as well as yourself.
Rick Geha began his real estate career at age 22. Over the past 15 years, he's led more than 1,000 classes and workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada and has presented keynote addresses to thousands of professionals from all industries and walks of life. Rick is currently a coach with Workman Success Systems. Contact him at For more information, please visit

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