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How Self-Care Leads to Heightened Productivity
By Liz Dominguez
It's not all about the grind—a fact that's hard for many agents to accept. In fact, if you take time for yourself, you'll find that you won't burn yourself out and you'll be more productive when it comes time to work.
Here are some self-care tips that will keep you working smart instead of working to the point of exhaustion:
Vacation or Staycation
Remember to take time to relax. If you're always focused on work, you don't give your mind and body a chance to recover. Take a few days off. You don't even need to go anywhere. Stay at home if you want—just as long as you put the work aside for a few days. Disconnect entirely so that when you plug back in, you're refreshed and working with a clear mind.
Staying active is good for the body and also the mind. A significant portion of your schedule includes sitting in front of a computer, gathering comps, making phone calls, etc. Take an hour or so every day to get active. This doesn't have to be a strenuous workout—even a daily walk can help clear and recharge your mind.
Set personal goals, not just business goals. If you have a trip you'd like to take or something you'd like to achieve in your personal life, make time for it. If you don't, you'll find yourself overscheduling and never getting around to it. When you write things down or schedule them, you'll have a higher chance of actually getting them done. A fulfilling personal life can transform your business life.
Social Time
Time with friends and family can actually translate to being more productive at work. Allowing yourself to clear your mind and focus on others is the perfect way to ensure you don't overwork yourself. Just make sure that your work life doesn't permeate your personal conversations. If you find yourself talking about work at every turn, pivot the conversation to something else.
Essentially, it's all about balance. Too much personal time can have you slacking off at work. If you find equilibrium, however, your business can benefit from a thriving personal life.
Liz Dominguez is RISMedia's senior editor.

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