Be sure to complete these steps to get your account up and running:

Step 1: Complete Your Profile

From the ACE menu, click Profile to add your contact details, headshot, links, and more.

Why This Is Important: When your friends and followers click on one of your ACE posts, they will be directed to your branded landing page, which displays this information. This makes it easy for your friends and followers to learn about you and get in touch with you.

Step 2: Connect Your Social Media

From the ACE menu, click Settings, and then click Social Media Connections. To add a connection, click on either the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter icon, and follow the prompts.


  • Before adding a connection, have your Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter logins nearby, and log out of your Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. For further information, see How to Log Out of My Social Media Accounts.
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