In order for RISMedia’s ACESocial to post to Facebook you must first create a connection from ACESocial to your Facebook account. This only takes a minute to do and the connection process is secure and takes place on Facebook itself. RISMedia will never know your Facebook password.

NOTE: As of August 2018, RISMedia’s ACESocial, and auto-posting services similar to ACESocial, can no longer post to Facebook personal Profiles. RISMedia’s ACESocial and services similar to ACESocial can only post to Facebook Pages. If you do not already have a Facebook Page for your business you will need to create one before you can use ACESocial with Facebook. It is very easy to create a Facebook Page for your business and we have these tips on how to create a Facebook business Page.

If you already have a Facebook Page feel free to proceed with these steps:

  • Gather your Facebook username and password. Need to be 100% sure you know your Facebook username and password. If needed test your username and password by logging in to Facebook.
  • Now, please log out of your Facebook account. Example: Open a new tab in your browser go to, and if you see your account- please click the downward triangle at the top right and click Log Out.
  • Next, if not already, please login to your RISMedia ACE account at
  • From the left side ACE menu click “Settings”
  • Click “Social Media Connections”
  • If this is your first time here the Facebook icon is likely grayed out and says “Inactive”. Click the word “Facebook” to get started.
  • Select the days you would like ACESocial to automatically post for you. Click Continue (We will review how to preview and edit posts as well as which FB page in a moment.)
  • The Facebook login screen will appear enter your Facebook username and password.
  • Say “OK” or “Yes” to any Facebook prompts asking to give ACE permission to post on your behalf.
  • You will be returned to ACESocial where you can select the Facebook Page(s) that you are associated with as “Admin” or “Editor”. Select the pages that you’d like to post to.

Depending on the time of day, or the days you selected for automatic posting it may take 24 hours or longer before RISMedia’s ACESocial starts automatically posting on your behalf. However if you’d like to share content right away you may do so right now. Simply visit, if you see a story you want to share click the Facebook icon near the story and follow steps to manually post.

Note:  Every 90 days Facebook will require you to renew this connection.  Also if you change your Facebook password RISMedia’s ACESocial will lose connection to Facebook.  If either of these occur RISMedia’s ACESocial will inform you via email that we have lost connection to Facebook.  Simply return to the RISMedia ACESocial → Settings → Social Media connections area to reactivate the connection.

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