When friends visit your social media accounts they might click on one of your interesting posts to read the full story. Unlike posts from traditional news outlets friends reading posts from RISMedia’s ACESocial will land on your ACE branded page where they can read the full story. We’ll brand the page with your picture, company logo, contact information, links to your sites – and protect your clients from competitive advertising so you remain top of mind.

The Profile section of your RISMedia’s ACESocial menu controls the information displayed on your ACE Branded Page.

If this is your first time using RISMedia’s ACESocial likely you were guided through each section of the “Profile” area when you signed up for your account. If you are a returning member, or were enrolled by your company, or simply want to make changes to your profile – like updating your mobile number, you can do this anytime from the “Profile” area of your ACE account. Here’s how:

From the ACE → Profile area simply click the appropriate icon to adjust that section of your profile. Example click “Phone Number” to update your contact phone.

Once you have completed or made any changes click the “Preview Landing Page” icon to check your work. Click the “Profile” menu item again to make further changes.

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