Your ACE account includes a Branded Page. Your Branded Page is where your social media friends and followers go to see the ACE article, video or infographic that was posted to your social media site. When someone clicks on the ACE post, they will be directed to your Branded Page.

What Are the Benefits of a Branded Page?

Your Branded Page contains your contact information, headshot, links to your websites, and more, positioning your real estate services to your sphere. When you share something from another website, it generally does not not include this information.

With your Branded Page, your followers can:

What Does My Branded Page Include?

  • Contact Information (Name, Email/Phone, Location)
  • Headshot
  • Links (Listings Website, Other Website)
  • Logo
  • License / Miscellaneous Information
  • REALTOR®/EHO Icons
  • Advertising (Optional)
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