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Have you ever noticed some tasks at work fly by, while others feel like pulling teeth? This could have just as much to do with when you work as it does what you work on. Many of us are more productive during certain times of the day, but if you’re a newer agent, you may be unsure of when that is. Here’s how you can figure out when your peak hour is, and how to take advantage of it.

Choose a low pressure or enjoyable assignment. When figuring out when you’re most productive, don’t start with a task you’ve been putting off. Instead, choose something you do well, enjoy or engage in regularly.

Pick a flexible day. On an off day, like a Saturday or Sunday, pick a few hour-long periods to work in—morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and evening. You’re likely to find that certain hours fly by while others feel like a chore. This is a healthy sign as to what part of the day you’re most productive in.

Now that you have an inkling as to when you’re most productive, it’s time to maximize.

Vary pre-work activities. Productivity depends on more than just the time of day. What you do before you work counts, too. Try working after exercise, after meditation, after a walk with the pups or after you’ve spent half an hour reading an inspiring book. You may unlock a productivity portal you’d never considered.

Play with atmosphere. Do you work better with music? What kind? In total silence? Alone or in a coffee shop or bustling office? Try a few different settings to see where you hit your groove.

Schedule the hardest tasks in your easiest hour. Schedule your most difficult or your most loathed tasks in the hours you have the easiest time working. Pushing them to the end of the day can lead to putting them off until tomorrow—unless of course the end of the day is your prime productivity time!