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When it comes time to tackle the more tedious tasks that are associated with being a new agent, procrastination is common. However, to successfully face your procrastination woes, you need to go about completing these jobs with a plan.

Whether it’s designing your website or scheduling out social posts for the week, nearly all new agents have something lingering on their to-do list. Here are a few tactics to face these dull responsibilities head-on:

Create a list. No matter how small the task is, creating a list of all the things you need to accomplish throughout the course of your day will help you stay on track. Being able to cross off some of the easier things you need to take care of will also help you to stay motivated.

Tackle the tedious stuff first. If you put these jobs at the top of your list, they’ll be easier to complete instead of putting them off. Remember to remove distractions like Netflix and focus on the tedious stuff before taking care of the easier things you have on your to-do list.

Take breaks. It’s very important to take short breaks about every 15 minutes when taking on a boring job. You can help slash procrastination by making the thing you’ve been putting off seem less like a mountain you need to climb. Procrastination is all mental, so trick your brain by breaking that one monumental task into five or six easier to handle ones.

Reward yourself. When you finally complete that responsibility that’s seemed so daunting all this time be sure to reward yourself. Perhaps indulging in a temptation you removed, such as Netflix, or treating yourself to a little online shopping is all you need. Just be sure to not give in until the job is completely finished!

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