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The truth is that the more complicated you make something, the less likely you’ll be to see it through.

As you get ready to launch your new career, you’re probably excited to set your goals.  I wanted to just add my two cents on the topic! First of all, there are a lot of schools of thought on how and why and when to create goals, but for me, I think the whole point of goals is to create laser-sharp focus. And in my experience, in all my years of coaching, training, speaking and mentoring, rarely have I seen a 12-month goal get anyone fired up for the duration, you know what I mean? Why? Because we usually pay attention to that 12-month goal like month eleven!

What I teach our coaching members and Power Agents® to do instead is to create monthly goals, and here are two reasons why:

More urgency. In other words, when you know your goal is only good for 30 days or so, you’re a little more on fire to get it done, right? Shorter-term goals help you get out of bed more motivated each day, more inspired and more focused on hitting your goal because that clock is ticking.

Less overwhelming. Sometimes those 12-month goals just seem huge. Overwhelming. Kind of out-of-reach. That’s because they’re big and lofty with the weight of the whole year on them, right? Instead, breaking them down into bite-size increments helps them scale down to something attainable so you can take the immediate action necessary to get the job done. Make sense?

Lastly, I want to share with you something I learned from Warren Buffet years ago… Look at your life, relationships, career—all of it. Then ask yourself, if you were to design a life and career worth smiling about, what would that look like? What are the milestones that you can accomplish in the next 30 days that will help you move the needle to realize that ideal life worth smiling about? Work towards those milestones to hit your goals every 30 days then set new ones.

I hope it helps you kick off your career on the right foot, with the right mindset and some amazing goals that get you fired up for success! Now, go make some things happen! We’ll be here if you need us!

You’ve got this. I’m here to help, with a passionate community of Power Agents® that can be there for you as well. Learn more at

Darryl Davis, bestselling author of “How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate” and owner of Darryl Davis Seminars, has trained and coached over 100,000 real estate professionals around the globe for more than 27 years. He is the founder of the Next Level® real estate training system, The Power Program®, which has helped agents double their production over their previous year. For more information, and the new agent tools that can help take you to your Next Level®, please contact or visit