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Both new and veteran agents can all agree that real estate is a chaotic business, especially in the beginning. New agents quickly learn no one comes down from the mountaintop with hot leads, a work schedule or even a business plan. The pressure’s on for veteran agents as well, who risk burnout when they work day and night without an effective system.

To avoid this confusion and chaos, top-producing agents invest in proven training programs that organize their business and boost productivity. Here are three training tools that these high-earning agents swear by to build and sharpen their real estate skills:

  1. Proven Lead Generation System
    Effective training programs teach a proven system for generating qualified real estate leads. This system serves as a roadmap for a real estate business. Once agents learn it, they are able to refine and personalize it to their needs. From there, agents have a steady foundation on which they may grow. Top producers invested in training constantly challenge themselves to improve within that fundamental lead generation system.
  1. CRM Software
    Standing for “customer relationship management,” a CRM tool allows an agent to easily track lead generation activities through an online platform. It also provides a snapshot of an agent’s progress and holds them accountable for their results, making it a valuable training tool. Top producers are able to actively view the lead generation work they’ve completed and set goals to improve. This contributes toward a constant growth-oriented mindset, which helps agents build their skills. 
  1. Synergy Group
    All top producers have a squad to support them. This synergistic group consists of people who participate in the same lead generation system, and may have taken training classes together in the same brokerage or at the same time. It’s beneficial to seek out programs that can be taken with others in your office to maximize the training. If you are on your own, make sure the program includes a community element (e.g., Facebook group of the program’s students) so you can synergize with agents who are like-minded. This community and synergy element encourages everyone in the group to keep improving throughout the experience.

Get these tools in your training kit and you’ll be on your way to peak production in your business. Buffini & Company’s Peak Producers, a 12-week training course, embodies all of these tools. Agents who take the class average $98,243 in income. Commit to a training program for your business that has these elements and watch your own numbers soar!