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We all get into our routines, whether it’s those first few moments in the morning or a complex list of daily milestones. But when you’re new to a field, your old routines may no longer serve you, and stepping out of them can add inspiration and innovation to your day. Here are a few tips for stepping out of your routine.

Ask your colleagues what they do. If you have a productive colleague, ask them for 10 minutes to pick their brain about their daily routine. They may have some great habits that you can incorporate.

Make a list and try them all. Create a list of 5 to 10 ways you could shake up your daily routine, and then try them all to see if anything sticks.

Get outside.
Research shows that being outside can boost creativity and innovation. If the weather allows, add three 10-minute outdoor breaks into your day. Sit in the garden with a cup of coffee (and no phone!), take a quick walk around the block, or eat lunch outside.

Do things backwards. Shake up your routine by simply reorganizing it. Hit the gym after work instead of before, make those afternoon calls first thing in the morning, and check emails before lunch instead of after. You may find you prefer the new order better than the old.

Zoe Eisenberg is RISMedia’s senior content editor.