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Editor’s Note: The Industry Influencers series analyzes the industry’s most effective marketing efforts and shares experts’ actionable insights.

Record. Review. Repurpose.

That’s the ideology Michael Hellickson—CEO and founder of Club Wealth®, a real estate coaching and consulting company—follows. His company’s YouTube page has nearly 2,000 subscribers and his Facebook business page has nearly 10,000 followers. Hellickson typically speaks to a broker audience, presenting video resources to help them grow their business.

“We use video in ads and posts on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as our blog and in training videos,” says Hellickson. “Once recorded, our production team analyzes, edits and repurposes the videos in numerous ways. Video is at the core of our marketing.”

Leveraging Immediacy With Live Broadcasts
Hellickson’s presence is particularly strong on Facebook, where he’s been able to use the Live functionality to host webinars with multiple panelists. These events span myriad topics, such as agent onboarding, building an army of inside sales agents and tricks to boost business.

Typically, they range from 30 minutes to an hour, and viewers can ask questions and have them answered in real time.

On Instagram, Hellickson creates a more personalized experience, speaking directly to the camera about quick takeaways for ensuring business success. Additionally, he blends personal posts with business tidbits, allowing viewers to experience the coaching side of the company, along with the personality.

“When someone engages with enough of your videos, they begin to know and trust you, and often feel like they know you before they’ve ever met you,” says Hellickson. “This leads to increased opt-in and conversion of leads. Traditional marketing fails to offer consumers the opportunity to experience you and get to know you.”

According to Hellickson, video performs much better than other types of posts on social media.

“Most social platforms rank videos higher in their algorithms and serve video up to far more people than images or text,” says Hellickson. “Additionally, motion creations emotion, so your posts get noticed.”

Hellickson shares the following tips for agents wanting to incorporate video into their marketing:

  1. “Use what you have, even if it’s just a smartphone camera. You don’t need expensive equipment.”
  2. “Caption everything. Over 80 percent of all video views are done without audio.”
  3. “Despite No. 2, audio quality is very important. Consumers expect clear, clean audio, and will leave quickly without it.”
  4. “Don’t overthink it. No one cares about your hair, makeup, etc. Just be your authentic self and learn to get comfortable on camera no matter what you’re wearing.”
  5. “Post regularly (ideally daily) and in multiple places.”
  6. Watch the video below to see how Hellickson approaches live broadcasts:

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