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Remember that business goal you set at the beginning of the year? You know, the one where you enthusiastically declared how this year would be the banner year? The one where you were finally focused on racking up more sales for more income? Your plan may have included commitments to doing a better job of connecting with more people to convert more prospects into profits.

As we enter the final quarter of the year, it’s often inevitable that your focus and commitment get lost in all of the everyday distractions that riddle the job of making sales.


  • Are you at least halfway to your sales goals?
  • Have you stuck to your commitment to contact more people daily?
  • Has the consistency of your prospecting converted to more sales?
  • If you’re not where you expected to be, now is the time to monitor, readjust and refocus your plan.

Successful professionals are willing to invest in proven routines that, when done with purpose and consistency, yield more sales, more income and, ultimately, the success you seek. When you’re highly connected to your “why” for what you’re looking to accomplish, the habits and actions necessary to get there become a “want to” instead of a “have to.”

Here are a few tips to help you reignite, revitalize and refocus in order to get to the profit zone:

  1. Talk to more people…every day.This isn’t about cold calling people and asking them if they plan on moving anytime soon. No one wants to be solicited for “leads” to help you make your sales quota this month. Your purpose is to provide value to your sphere of influence, your database of past clients, prospects and farm area. Instead of asking, think about sharing relevant information or data of interest that can save them time and money. Everyone wants to be “in the know,” which means they’re always curious about upcoming trends as they apply specifically to them—their home, their investment, their well-being. When you shift your message from a high level to a hyper-local level, the interest level and engagement increases.
  1. Make it personal.Let them experience you as their “celebrity authority.” Use video email or video on social media to share short bits of information that are interesting or pertinent to your target market. Shoot your video on-site instead of at a desk in order to show that you’re actually visible in the areas where you’re offering information or points of interest.
  1. Don’t overcomplicate the process.Sales is about talking to more people more consistently. Lead generation platforms help you identify prospects who have shown interest in buying or selling, but those leads may be months or years to the point of conversion. Take advantage of the people that already know, like and trust you. Plan three ways to touch them during the year:
  • One face-to-face meeting
  • One meaningful touch (personal birthday message, congratulations on new job, happy anniversary, etc.)
  • One letter of value

Nothing changes until you change. Stop burying yourself in the “busy” of your work and start focusing on the dollar-productive routines that will get you to where you want to be by the holidays. They’re just around the corner, and the time to start is now.

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Terri Murphy is a communication engagement specialist, author, speaker, consultant and master coach with Workman Success. She is the author of five books, a TED Talk speaker and co-radio host on For more information, please visit or email