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One of the biggest “ah-has” for a lot of people is when they realize that sometimes their biggest obstacle is themselves. We get caught up in old habits or mindsets or limited beliefs and it robs us of our bandwidth to get creative about the paths that we should take to realize our goals.

Sound familiar? Have you ever had one of those, “I’m not sure I’m good enough?” thoughts? Or took it to heart when a seasoned agent told you something along the lines of, “You’re not ready for that”? As a freshman agent in a sometimes-chaotic industry, it’s more likely to happen than not. Here’s what I want to tell you… I got into this business at nineteen years old. I came from a fractured home and I was an emancipated minor at sixteen. If there was ever anyone in the history of real estate that was unsure, insecure or had more limited belief than I did at that age, my heart goes out to them, because I know how tough that was.

What I did have was an amazing broker, with a terrific company, and I was part of a great industry that I could believe in until I could believe in myself. Those are the kind of things you can talk about with passion when you’re not quite sure yet where you fit into it all. That’s what you can bank on until you get a little experience under your belt and you’ve gained a little confidence. I can tell you that’s what got me through and helped me to dig in and just do the work, which led me to become a top producer in my first year.

That’s the kind of success story I want for you as well. Be your own best advocate, not critic. (There are way too many critics in the world already!) Then learn to speak with conviction about the things you’ve already got going for you.

  1. Your company. Be able to proudly share a little of what makes your company different from others in your market. What are the strengths that benefit sellers and the community?
  1. The industry: Stats are on your side! People who sell via a real estate professional get more return for their investment than not. Head over to the National Association of REALTORS® website and type in quick stats in the search to always have the latest.
  1. Code of Ethics and Standards of Agency: While you’re on that site, be sure to grab a copy of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Agency—and know them backwards and forwards. It will help you feel the credibility behind your designation and allow you to better convey that to sellers.
  1. Metaphors and analogies: Rather than learned a canned sales pitch, use your life experience and relatable stories to convey your value and the value of the tools you are using to market seller’s properties. They will help you be more confident because you won’t be so focused on memorized words.

Start there. Then grow. I’ve walked in those shoes and I’m totally here to help.

Darryl Davis, bestselling author of “How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate” and owner of Darryl Davis Seminars, has trained and coached over 100,000 real estate professionals around the globe for more than 27 years. He is the founder of the Next Level® real estate training system, The Power Program®, which has helped agents double their production over their previous year. For more information, and the new agent tools that can help take you to your Next Level®, please contact or visit