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Whether your goal is to start your own real estate team or simply to become a better agent, regularly seeking out educational opportunities is essential to growing in your real estate career.

From attending webinars to sitting in on calls with more experienced agents, there is much you can do to further yourself along in your role as a real estate professional. Here are some ways to take advantage of education this weekend:

Attend Webinars

Of course, there is much to be gained from attending seminars in person; however, due to the current state of affairs globally, that simply isn’t an option. Attending online webinars often provides you with information that’s just as valuable as an in-person seminar, despite the fact that it may not be as engaging with no one physically in front of you. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of webinars, especially with many of them being available to listen to for free.

Speak to Top Agents

Some of your greatest resources are sitting right in your office with you—or, today, just an email or phone call away as many stay away from their offices. Your fellow agents, those with more experience than you, can be a wealth of information if you simply ask them questions. Never be afraid to reach out to your colleagues at your brokerage.

Sit in During Calls

Sitting in on calls, especially as a newer agent, can be hugely educational. There is much to learn from the nuanced conversations other agents have when dealing with a potential client or finally closing that big deal. During the global crisis that we’re in the middle of today, this is something that many real estate professionals should try to partake in remotely.

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