ACE appreciates that connecting through social media is more important than ever before with social distancing now in place.

With this in mind ACE editors have categorized and will continue to categorize the lifestyle content used by ACE as “crisis friendly”. For example, removing items about trips to the gym, grocery shopping, gatherings, etc. Content that may conflict with best practices during current times and/ or considered insensitive to current crisis. Editors will also be adding new content that directly relates to the current crisis.

  • The automatic posting algorithm will factor in the “crisis friendly” filter before posting.
  • The Exclusive Content area, used for manually posting, will begin to reflect articles based on the “crisis friendly” filter.
  • The daily reminder email: To help members stay connected and timely during the COVID-19 crisis, the first of the three articles will specifically relate to the COVID-19 crisis, offering real estate or lifestyle content to help your friends and followers navigate these unprecedented times. The two additional articles/posts have been reviewed by our editors to ensure they do not contain content that would be inappropriate in light of the widespread coronavirus restrictions.

As a reminder manually posting from the daily reminder email or Exclusive Content area will not interfere with any automatic posting schedule that users have setup in ACE. Simply consider this another opportunity to better engage with your sphere during this trying time.

As always, from the Dashboard users do have the option to:

  • Preview automatic posting content up to 14 days in advance from the Scheduled Content area and can change content if they so desire.
  • Further adjust content topics from Settings > Content Type area
  • Adjust automatic posting days from Settings > Post Frequency area
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