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Nobody knows what the future holds. This concept isn’t new, but before the pandemic, we could make predictions. We could look at past data, and algorithms could take all that data to predict what the real estate industry would look like in a few months, even a few years. Experts normally could look at past trends to predict what would come next. Except now? That’s all out the window.

We have heard the term “unprecedented times,” but we have never experienced it on a scale of this magnitude. The stock market no longer makes any sense, our past data has been rendered useless for projections of what markets might do, and we are left with nothing but this present moment to flounder in, searching for something stable.

Everything changed so fast—hour by hour, the world shifted into this new uncertain reality.

But, let me as you this: Are you breathing? Do you have people that care about you? Do you have a roof over your head and food on your table? Do you have buyers and sellers and your business intact?

My friends, yesterday is a canceled check, and tomorrow is a promissory note. TODAY is cash. TODAY is the only tender you can spend.

Don’t fret about yesterday. Perhaps the day didn’t go the way you had hoped, or the seller you hoped to list decided to wait. It’s disappointing and stressful, yes, but that was yesterday. There is no changing it, there is only letting it go and moving forward.

Today is a new day. Turn your attention to this new day that we have been given and focus on what you can do.

Mountain climbers don’t get to the summit of a mountain by giving it one big leap, they move up one foothold at a time. It takes time, and effort (and the occasional scraped knee), and while they keep their peripheral vision on the summit, their focus is on their next few handholds, slowly planning their way to the top.

It’s the same for you today. Look to your next handhold—something you can do today.

Today belongs to you, so spend it well.

We’re here with you every step of the way—to build the skills and offer the resources that agents absolutely need to navigate this new real estate reality.

We are hosting weekly webinars to do deep dives on topics that agents need to thrive, not just survive! I hope you’ll join us!

Darryl Davis, bestselling author of “How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate” and owner of Darryl Davis Seminars, has trained and coached over 100,000 real estate professionals around the globe for more than 27 years. He is the founder of the Next Level® real estate training system, The Power Program®, which has helped agents double their production over their previous year. For more information, and the new agent tools that can help take you to your Next Level®, please contact or visit