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As a real estate professional, being able to organize your schedule and plan out what you need to accomplish for the week can mean the difference between a smooth week and one that’s disorganized and full of catching up on forgotten tasks.

The weekend provides the perfect time to get organized. Here are three tasks you can accomplish this upcoming weekend that’ll help boost your productivity through the upcoming week.

Plan Out Your Week

The convenient thing about this list is that all these tasks can be accomplished over the weekend and, in most cases, in under an hour. The first way to help yourself boost productivity next week is by planning out what you need to accomplish. You can create a list of all the important jobs you need to tackle, but it’s also a good idea to get out your daily planner or Google Calendar and plot out what you’d like to handle each day.

Respond to Voicemails

It’s also important to take time to declutter your work voicemails. Delete lingering voicemails and make note of the ones that you need to respond to during the following week. Also, if you have time, respond to any that you deem appropriate to reach out to over the weekend. Decluttering your voicemail this weekend will help you declutter your upcoming week.

Organize Your Email Inbox

Lastly, organize your emails before Monday. One of the biggest time-eaters is sifting through and responding to all your work emails that you received on Friday evening through the weekend. Although this task is not difficult, it can be extremely tedious to attend to first thing in the morning every Monday. Respond to a large chunk of them this weekend instead and relieve that burden!

By tackling these three tasks during the weekend you’ll help yourself ease into the next week.

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