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Competition can be fierce in real estate. It might feel like every other agent has a large budget with the latest technology. Low-cost online marketing solutions are all around for you to set yourself apart from your competitors. Grow your online presence with these affordable marketing strategies.

Build Your Website
If you don’t have a website, you need one. At the bare minimum you need a Contact page so people know how to get a hold of you. But don’t stop there. Make your site engaging and visually appealing.

Start a blog to connect with clients and inform them about the work you do. Post testimonials to establish trust and build rapport with clients. Bolster your listings with neighborhood information and nearby hotspots.

A site full of high-quality photos stands out. With a good eye and a decent camera, you can take them yourself. If you’re unsure of your photography abilities and have money, hire a professional. Great pictures will do a lot to sell your properties.

Create virtual tours for buyers to preview properties they’re interested in. They don’t need to be over-the-top to be compelling. If done right, it will raise clients’ interest. Create a tour with a video or pictures of a walkthrough. Post the tour to your website and share it on social media.

Establish A Greater Online Presence
Social media is an essential part of marketing. Use popular platforms to post pictures, share stories and promote properties. If your budget allows, advertise on Facebook and Instagram to reach new clients.

You can grow your online presence with Zillow. Potential homebuyers use Zillow to browse properties and look for agents. Advertising your services on Zillow can be expensive, but it may pay off. As a low-cost alternative to Zillow, build a Google My Business page to make it easy for people to find you, learn about you and contact you.

Show Your Expertise
Show off your skills and draw in clients by hosting a webinar. Present a topic you know well and hold a Q&A session at the end. When it’s over, post the video to YouTube and your website to build engagement.

Publish an eBook on a topic that could help potential buyers through the buying process. Generate leads by giving out your eBook in exchange for email addresses.

Take Advantage of Email
Engage your audience and build relationships with a frequent email newsletter. Include information about open houses, new houses on the market and other news. Utilize email for a nurture campaign and send tailored messages to clients. For example, if you know a client is house hunting and attending open houses, send them an email with other houses for sale. Build trust by guiding your clients through the home-buying process.

You don’t need a huge budget to have a successful marketing campaign. There are many low-cost ways to attract new clients online. Implement these marketing tactics and take it to the next level as a real estate agent.

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