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Like many, you’ve heard of the phrase “new normal” being used when discussing the current conditions of the world around you in regard to post-COVID. While it’s still too early to tell what the world’s new normal will look like, you can still begin to think of some things you can do for your real estate business.

People will likely maintain a greater awareness of cleanliness and claim more personal space when out in public. We may see more people cutting back on shopping, entertainment and eating out as they work to build a nest egg when the economy stabilizes. Convenient services like grocery pickup and delivery will likely maintain new levels of popularity and contactless payment options will be more widely adopted.

As for real estate changes, people who have been stuck in shoebox homes or apartments may want to shift to homes with yards. Many internet memes have joked about COVID-19 being the end of the tiny homes and open floorplan popularity, and while both these home choices will probably be just fine, it will be worth putting some extra focus on your listings’ outdoor and neighborhood amenities in the future.

We may also see more of the home-buying and selling process take place from a distance. Online signings, meetings and even showings will be more common. People have expected quality listing photos for years and use photos to determine if they want to see a home in person. Moving forward, we may see more buyers who expect a video tour of a listing to get a feel for the layout of a home before they visit it in person.

Provide Reassurance

In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, reassuring buyers and sellers is going to be crucial. Approach every buyer and seller like it’s their first time dealing in real estate. Many people have been negatively affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic and buying a home may feel more risky than normal. Come prepared with statistics on housing values, the local market and the long-term benefits of owning a home. Whenever possible, provide visual aids to help show why it’s a good time to transact and back your experience up with credentials and success stories of your past sales.

Focus on Your Advertising and Marketing

You’ve probably noticed common themes and phrases popping up in advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everywhere you turn, companies’ ads are promoting “togetherness” and “coming together” during these “uncertain times” instead of launching right into their product or service’s benefits. Big companies spend a lot of money and have whole teams of experts searching for the right angle and the right message to send out—something that’s especially important with the shift COVID-19 caused. Keep an eye on how large, national companies are promoting their business after the pandemic for ideas on how you should shape your advertising and marketing messages when the pandemic ends.

Start small to make sure your message is hitting the right cords with potential buyers and if one approach doesn’t seem right, try something else.

Offer Virtual and Digital Options

Prior to COVID-19, showings and open houses were done easily and without concern. Now, sellers may not want strangers coming into their home for the sake of their health and safety. By offering virtual open houses and video tours, you are able to work with those that are seriously interested in purchasing the home. These same features will help buyers vet potential homes, limiting the number of homes they (and you) will need to see in person to find the right home.

Familiarize yourself with several different video options so that you’re ready to use whatever platform your client is most comfortable with. You can use Facebook Live, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Zoom and many other platforms to conduct your tour virtually.

There are also many secure, easy to use platforms (such as DocuSign) that you can use to digitally sign offers, disclosures and contracts so that you can move your sales forward without your clients having to meet with you in person or manage the hassle of printing, signing, scanning and emailing important documents.

Provide Safety Measures During an Open House

When showing a home, you have to think of the safety measures you may need to take. Keep a supply of disposable masks and gloves in your car and office so that you’re prepared for when you show a home during a time where health is a priority.

If you host an open house, make disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitizer available for attendees, especially if you anticipate a good turnout or are providing snacks. You should also ensure your office offers visitors easy access to hand sanitizer.

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