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Your past clients and sphere truly are your most important area of lead generation and focus. Your plan should include how you will market to them, how often you will call them and what will you say when you call. You will also want to set a budget and timelines for your touches and expect that you will need to make at least 30-60 touches a year to stay top of mind.

Customer loyalty is down by 50 percent and, of course, we know that everyone knows more than one agent. This is why it’s time to dig moat of information, education and support around this group. If you don’t you will lose them over time.

Again a CRM is a must, and as you use your CRM be sure you are tagging this group A+, A, B or C. Come up with as many tags as you need to create custom campaigns that are appropriate for the particular group.

Another goal should be to clean up all contact information and add any notes that you can about them personally and their connection to you. The more information you have, the more valuable your database has.

As you develop your marketing for this group, market reports, listing alerts and quality information is critical. The time for fluff has passed, it’s not just about staying top of mind, it’s about staying top of mind as their wise advisor.

If you are wondering about direct mail…YES! Direct mail is very effective especially for this group and part of your overall campaign.

Don’t forget their birthdays, home anniversary, personal notes and event invitations. In other words, they need to feel you care about them; they need to feel they mean more to you than just another commission check.

For your A’s and B’s, call them often: in changing times, monthly is great because so much is happening—quarterly is your minimum standard. Keep in mind 30-40-year-old scripts should be thrown away because today’s consumer has developed antibodies to the old scripts and pitches.

What we need to do now is show empathy, support and engage them in discussing their plans and concerns.

For your C’s, they may be just fine on auto campaigns and circling back periodically to call through and scrub them as time permits.

Be creative and be connected because even if they love you, if you are not top of mind they will not remember to send you referrals!

If you need help, talk to us and we will help you. We have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest and best luxury agents in the real estate industry across the nation.

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Debbie De Grote is the founder and owner of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting.

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing is a premier independent authority in training and designation for real estate agents working in the upper-tier residential market.