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I had a question from a brand-new agent who is working with a broker/mentor and is struggling with the feeling that he is being held back by his broker, who is having him build up his sphere of influence.

Being Sold on Your Broker

You need to love the company that you work in. Period. They don’t have to have the best marketing, commissions or advertising, but it’s a necessity that you feel like you are aligned with them as a company.

And the reason why you need to love your company? If you are meeting with a homeowner for a listing appointment and trying to convince them that you are the best choice of agent to work with, how can you speak with passion and conviction if you don’t feel like where your license is hung is the best place for you?

How do you expect to sell the homeowner on your company if you aren’t even sold on them? You will come across as inauthentic, and a homeowner isn’t going to be comfortable working with you and your brokerage.

Finding Your Place

With that being said, as a new agent, you don’t know what you don’t know, and you don’t know yet whether or not you are assessing the broker or the situation accurately.

Give your broker the benefit of the doubt, and as you learn more and more about the real estate industry, you will have a much better perspective to decide whether or not that is the best place for you.

Building Your Sphere

If I had to tell a new agent what to do to build their sphere, this is where I would suggest starting:

  1. Have a system of prospecting: calling FSBOs and expireds
  1. Have a strong listing appt convo and coach the homeowner on what you can do for them to sell their property.
  1. Have another agent or two that you can ask questions and get advice from in addition to your broker.

We are here to help! 

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