How to Automatically Post a Listing to Social Media

ACE members who have Full or Premium level accounts have the option for new listings to be automatically posted to their social media sites. This convenient option eliminates the step of having to login to ACE and manually schedule a new listing to post to a social media account.

Before you can utilize the automatic listing posting option you must have a Full or Premium level ACE account and have a connection to listing data. If you click the “Listings” link and are presented with instructions to establish a connection to a listing source, please complete that step first and then follow the below steps to setup the automatic listing posting option:

Complete the settings questions found on the automated listing dashboard as described below.

Turn on Autopost Listings

Start by checking the box to elect to “Turn on Autopost Listings.”

Select the listing source:

If your listing data is supplied to ACE from only one MLS source, then you will not see the option to choose an MLS datasource and can proceed to the next step.

If you have more than one MLS data source, you will see each MLS listed with a check box. Select which data sources ACE should use by checking the box near the MLS name.

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise that you only select one MLS source to avoid the possibility of duplicate posting, or be very sure you know how your MLS data is organized.

For example, an agent has two MLS data sources hypothetically called “Great Lakes MLS” and “Great Town MLS.” The agent has listed “123 Main Street” with each MLS service. Each MLS will identify “123 Main Street” differently and for that reason, it is possible that ACE will post “123 Main Street” from “Great Lakes MLS” one day and then “123 Main Street” from “Great Town MLS” the next day. This could result in social media sites displaying what appears to be duplicate posts of “123 Main Street.”

If you are confident that your MLS services would never contain duplicate listings then feel free to select more than one MLS data source from the list.


Listing Status:

Select the status of the property to post. For example, if you only want “Active” listings to be posted, then be sure to only select “Active.” The current possible statuses are: Active, Pending, Contract and Contingent.

ACE appreciates that from the hundreds of multiple listing services, there are also variations in the description of these statuses. While ACE might not be showing the exact same status term that your MLS uses, ACE will do its best to match the status from your MLS with one of these categories.

Where would you like your listings posted?

You will see a list of the social media platforms that you have connected to ACE. Example, if you have connected ACE to Facebook and LinkedIn but have not connected to Twitter, then you will only see Facebook and LinkedIn as options.


Decide if you want to repost a listing. For example, you could have a listing automatically reposted to Facebook every week until it sells or is otherwise unavailable.

Automatic MLS Posting FAQs

Q: If I have automatic posting on, does it interfere with my automatic or manual content posting?
A: No, listing posting is separate from content posting. You could have a listing posted and a content item such a real estate article, video, or infographic posted on the same day.

Q: If I have a listing and content scheduled to post on the same day, what time do these posts occur?
A: The listing will be posted first, usually in the morning and the content item will be posted a couple of hours later. But this may vary depending on posting volume for the entire system that day.

Q: What day does my automatic listing post happen?
A: It depends on the day the listing arrives ACE. Each day ACE checks for any new listings that have been received from your selected MLS data source(s). If a new listing has arrived to ACE and it meets the status requirements you selected, then it will likely be posted the very next day. Example: 123 Main Street is sent to ACE database on Tuesday afternoon, on Wednesday morning the listing will be posted to social media.

Q: What if I have multiple listings, which one will the system post?
A: There is a hierarchy of which listings get posted on a given day

  • First preference is to any MLS Listing that has been scheduled manually
  • Second preference is to any new MLS Listing that has not yet been posted
  • Third preference is to any autopost MLS listing that has been requested to repost

Q: What is the social intro for my automatic listing post?
A: The first time ACE automatically posts a listing, the social intro will be, “Check out my new listing.” If you have set the system to “repost” listings then the subsequent automatic posting will show, “Have you seen this listing?” as a social intro.

Q: I am on a “Lite” plan but I would like to utilize automatic posting for my listings. How do I get this feature?
A: Automatic posting for listings is only available to ACE on Full (also known as, Premium) plans. Members on “Lite” (or Basic) plans will notice the “Upgrade” link in the Dashboard. Click Upgrade to see pricing. When you complete the upgrade you will have access to automatic posting for listings.

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