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When transitioning into the private sector, many veterans find that the valuable skills they picked up during their training don’t always get recognized in the job market or help when it comes to finding suitable careers for veterans.

Fortunately, many of those same traits and skills can actually translate to those of a real estate agent. Here are just five reasons why veterans make excellent real estate agents:

  1. Veterans can assess and initiate.

In the military, officers are taught to problem-solve by first assessing a situation and then initiating a response. Since the real estate industry is constantly shifting and evolving, the ability to see a problem and take initiative is a valuable asset for a real estate agent. This skill helps to get new listings and allows you to assist a client in finding the perfect home for their needs.

  1. Veterans have strong communication skills.

Delivering information that is accurate and concise is crucial during combat. These communication skills are useful for real estate agents as well, whether giving a listing presentation or explaining the terms of a contract to a client.

  1. Veterans have a can-do attitude.

As a service member, it’s all about having an attitude that prioritizes getting the job done. When a veteran decides to get a real estate license, they bring that same positive attitude with them. Clients sometimes wonder whether an agent is really looking out for them, or simply serving their own self-interests. The can-do attitude of a veteran means there’s never any doubt.

  1. Veterans search for knowledge.

When a recruit trains for the military, they know they have embarked on a journey to learn new skills. That same quest for learning is characteristic of top agents as they are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve their clients.

  1. Veterans have cross-functional skills.

The Department of Veterans Affairs states that because of their military training, veterans possess a variety of cross-functional skills that can assist a veteran once they are out of the military. These skill sets can include everything from interacting with various people to coordinating and troubleshooting problems.

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