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If you’re working full-time as a real estate professional, your workweek is likely very busy. However, during a pandemic, what’s normally a busy week can easily turn chaotic.

One thing that can bring some harmony to your daily routine is an end-of-day ritual. There’s no better way to close out your day and prepare yourself for the next morning. Here are some tasks you should consider performing at the close of each workday:

Create a to-do list. This may be the most important thing you do at the close of each day. Be sure you account for all the tasks that you may not have gotten to that day and any others you know you need to take care of later in the week. Create a quick to-do list or update your calendar with these jobs so you’ll be ready to tackle them the next day.

Remind yourself of what you accomplished. This can coincide with the task above. Take a moment to go over everything you were able to accomplish during your workday. It’s wise to take stock of what you accomplished from a scheduling point of view, but it’s also important from a psychological standpoint as well. Take a moment to recognize the important work you’ve gotten done each day.

Clear your workspace. Lastly, make sure your workspace is tidy before you leave each day. It’s important to have a desk clear from clutter—be sure to check any papers you throw away to avoid tossing a task or reminder of something you may still need to get done. 

Agents, what are some other tasks you perform at the close of each workday?

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