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Outsourcing tasks to call centers is a vital part of business for companies in many industries. Real estate is no different. The many appointment centers in business today successfully handle millions and millions of showing appointments year in and year out.

However, now and then you hear from agents who express skepticism about using an appointment center for their business. In fact, there are some common myths that continue to live on in the industry for a variety of reasons. We thought we’d offer some answers to five of the most common ones we’ve heard. 

  1. “I’d lose my personal touch with clients.”

Your reputation is why you were chosen by your clients. Do they really want a call from you while they’re at work to confirm a showing? Wouldn’t you rather keep personal communication to sharing important news, like positive feedback or an interested buyer?

For most agents, the idea of using technology to communicate is popular, as 94 percent prefer to communicate through email according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Ninety percent prefer texting.

For those agents who prefer a human voice, however, real estate appointment centers offer professionally trained specialists who are well-versed in real estate scheduling. They’re also solely focused on scheduling—with no other office tasks—so they can promptly confirm showings and share the details with all involved parties.

Plus, for those agents who prefer email, texting or an app, some advanced appointment centers are likely to incorporate those features to serve you better. 

  1. “Clients will know it isn’t really my office contacting them.”

Often, a real estate appointment center can answer incoming calls and make outbound calls as if they were part of your office:

Inbound Call:

“Hello, this is Sharon Smith with XYZ Realty. How can I help you today?”

Outbound Call:

“Hello, this is Sharon Smith calling on behalf of XYZ Realty to confirm an appointment for Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.”

Professional appointment specialists act as an extension of your office and personal brand and are friendly, too! Some real estate appointment centers even use your branding on notifications or emails, just as if it came directly from you.

  1. “Many of the call center specialists I’ve dealt with are poorly trained and unfriendly.”

Like anything else, it’s important to shop around—not all appointment centers are the same. You’ll of course want to work with seasoned customer service representatives who’ve had extensive training. They should be prepared, willing and able to handle all your appointment-scheduling needs.

  1. “I don’t have enough listings to warrant your services.”

Professional appointment centers aren’t only for those who juggle multiple listings. They’re also perfect for the solo agent who handles one or two listings a month.

Think about the time you waste playing phone tag trying to confirm showings, or how often you’ve had personal time interrupted by after-hours phone calls.

If you hire an appointment center, that’s a thing of the past.

  1. “Appointment centers aren’t worth the money.”

Every office or agent has a different budget, but if you break it down, hiring a professional appointment center—unless you choose to keep taking calls on your own—could be the most cost-effective route you can pursue to handle showing requests, follow up, confirmations and showing feedback. Even better if the one you choose offers 24/7/365 service.

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