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In December, home prices saw an increase of 10.4%, up from 9.5% in November, according to the most recent S&P CoreLogic/Case-Shiller Indices. Year-over-year, the 10-City Composite increased 9.8%, while the 20-City Composite increased 10.1%.

The following cities experienced the highest YoY gains: Phoenix (+14.4%), Seattle (+13.6%) and San Diego (+13.0%). Regionally, prices were strongest in the West (+10.8%) and Southwest (+10.5%), but gains were impressive in every region.

The complete data for the 20 markets measured by S&P:

Atlanta, Ga.
December/November: 0.8%
Year-Over-Year: 8.9%

Boston, Mass.
Year-Over-Year: 11.4%

Charlotte, N.C.
December/November: 0.7%
Year-Over-Year: 10.2%

Chicago, Ill.
December/November: 0.3%
Year-Over-Year: 7.7%

Cleveland, Ohio
December/November: 0.9%
Year-Over-Year: 11.5%

Dallas, Texas
December/November: 0.9%
Year-Over-Year: 8.4%

Denver, Colo.
December/November: 0.9%
Year-Over-Year: 9.2%

Las Vegas, Nev.
December/November: 1.1%
Year-Over-Year: 7.9%

Los Angeles, Calif.
December/November: 0.7%
Year-Over-Year: 9.9%

Miami, Fla.
December/November: 1.2%
Year-Over-Year: 9.2%

Minneapolis, Minn.
December/November: 0.4%
Year-Over-Year: 10.2%

New York, N.Y.
December/November: 1.2%
Year-Over-Year: 9.9%

Phoenix, Ariz.
December/November: 1.1%
Year-Over-Year: 14.4%

Portland, Ore.
December/November: 0.5%
Year-Over-Year: 9.9%

San Diego, Calif.
December/November: 0.6%
Year-Over-Year: 13.0%

San Francisco, Calif.
December/November: 0.0%
Year-Over-Year: 8.7%

Seattle, Wash.
December/November: 0.9%
Year-Over-Year: 13.6%

Tampa, Fla.
December/November: 1.2%
Year-Over-Year: 10.7%

Washington, D.C.
December/November: 1.2%
Year-Over-Year: 10.37%

What the Industry Is Saying:

“The market’s strength continues to be broadly-based: 18 of the 19 cities for which we have December data rose, and 18 cities gained more in the 12 months ended in December than they had gained in the 12 months ended in November.

“As COVID-related restrictions began to grip the economy in early 2020, their effect on housing prices was unclear. Price growth decelerated in May and June, and then began a steady climb upward, and December’s report continues that acceleration in an emphatic manner. 2020’s 10.4% gain marks the best performance of housing prices in a calendar year since 2013. From the perspective of more than 30 years of S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller data, December’s year-over-year change ranks within the top decile of all reports.

“These data are consistent with the view that COVID has encouraged potential buyers to move from urban apartments to suburban homes. This may indicate a secular shift in housing demand, or may simply represent an acceleration of moves that would have taken place over the next several years anyway. Future data will be required to address that question.”  — Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director and Global Head of Index Investment Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices

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