ACE – Tips for Engagement

Are you looking to boost engagement with your online audience, but not sure how? We’re here to help!

As an ACE user, you get exclusive, high-quality content automatically posted to your social media accounts every day. In addition to this taking a heap of work off of your plate, it also gives you back valuable time that you can dedicate to gaining and maintaining relationships—just be sure to use this time wisely! 

Here are some tips to help you get connected—and stay connected—to your audience!

Navigate Your Comment Section

From reviews and testimonials to questions and arising problems, your comment section offers you the chance to respond and communicate with your audience in an effective and convenient way. This will not only showcase your commitment to your audience, but also enhance the client’s trust in you as a resource. Read more here: How Agents Should Navigate Comments on Social Media

Engage by Asking Questions

Get to know your audience by asking them questions! Create a survey or poll, host a live Q&A or even incorporate questions within your posts. This will not only boost your engagement, but also help keep you top of mind, especially when it comes time for buyers and sellers to hire an agent. Read more here: Boost Your Engagement by Asking Questions

Make a Personal Connection

Relate to your audience in the most authentic way and give them the chance to get to know the real you. Whether you share a personal story or utilize video to interact with your audience, this can help you create and maintain lasting personal and professional relationships. Read more here: Let’s Get Personal: A Guide to Connecting With Your Audience on a Whole New Level


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