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Want to Be a Morning Person? Here’s How

Don’t you hate it when morning people talk about everything they’ve already accomplished while you’re still finding your way through your first few sips of coffee? Even worse, don’t you hate it when you discover that you’re actually envious of them?

While you don’t have to run a half marathon or write the next best-selling novel before 8 a.m., there are steps you can take to make your mornings more productive, and more enjoyable. The trick? It’s all about your nighttime routine.

Stop working late. If you want to get up early and take advantage of early morning hours, then your evening must begin winding down at a reasonable hour. That means punching out between 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. No more burning the midnight oil if you intend to be an early bird.

Stick to a dinner routine. Those who rise early and have efficient mornings aren’t  grabbing pizza or take-out at 11 p.m. They’re usually preparing their own nutritious meals between 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Eating a healthy dinner at this time of night gives your body time to properly digest, paving the way for a sound sleep.

Get some light activity. It may go without saying that most morning people work out in the morning. While you don’t necessarily want to do anything to get your energy flowing before bed, some light exercise will help you de-stress from the day and likely sleep better. Take your dog for a walk if you have one, do some relaxing yoga poses, do some light gardening, or play catch with the kids.

Prep for the next day. A productive morning begins with smart strategies the night before. So carve out some time to select your outfit, pack your lunch, make a to-do list and shower...or whatever it is that will take a few stressful things off your plate in the morning.

Find your relaxation routine. Morning people stick to nighttime rituals in order to relax and get to sleep at a decent hour. That means turning off the TV and putting your tablet away in favor of getting into bed with a book, meditating, sipping some herbal tea or journaling. Any of these relaxing routines will help you slumber sooner so that you can greet the day earlier and make the most of your morning.