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Takeaways Provide Added Value in Today's Tech-Driven Market

In today’s digital-centric environment, prospective buyers can access any and all the information they need about a home they’re interested in at the touch of a button, however, real estate professionals still tout the importance of offering a takeaway full of pertinent information to anyone who takes the time to view your home.

While a house hunter may love everything about your home as they’re walking through it, the moment they leave, it simply becomes another property that’s stored in their memory along with the other houses they’ve seen. For this reason alone, anything you can offer prospective buyers as they’re leaving to help them recall their positive emotional response will go a long way toward keeping your home top of mind.

Creating a takeaway that buyers who tour your home can hold and look at (even when viewing other houses) is a great way to help them remember the good feelings they had while viewing your property.

The most effective takeaway is a simple brochure, which should be crafted around high-quality photos of all of your home’s best features—both inside and out. Since photos are worth a thousand words, you don’t need to spend much time describing what the photos portray. To make for easy reading, use bullet points to highlight each item on your list, and use fun fonts and bright colors.

Another takeaway worth considering is a personal letter from you describing your experience in living in the house, in addition to some of the features that first attracted you to the space. Be sure to include your love of the neighborhood, the high-quality school system, local eateries that you frequent often, and anything else that might snag a buyer’s interest. In addition, list any community activities your town is known for, as well as school championships that have been won over the years.

Whether you choose a brochure or a personal letter, make sure you include a list of your routine maintenance tasks. You’ll also want to make note of any remodeling projects you’ve done over the years, as well as any updates/upgrades. This will provide anyone interested in your home with a sense of confidence in its current condition.

No matter which route you decide to take, a good design, creative photos and a few words that highlight the home’s best features may be just the thing you need to get your home sold.

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