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Redoing Your Kitchen? Keep the Floor Low Maintenance

A kitchen renovation can be a homeowner’s dream, where function meets personal style in one seamless space. But when considering your kitchen redo, pay special attention to the floor. By choosing a low maintenance material, you can save yourself hours of scrubbing and mopping. Below are a few options:

Linoleum. This kitchen classic has stuck around for a reason; it’s resistant to spills, less likely to scratch, easy to wipe up and is made from renewable, biodegradable linseed oil.

Stone. Choosing a natural stone option like slate or granite is a great low maintenance option, especially if you choose a multi-colored or mottled stone, which will hide dirt and imperfections. The one drawback to stone is that it can chip if you drop something heavy, but it is easier to clean than some of the fussier floor options.

Vinyl. This material is similar to plastic, and resistant to many stains. It’s also durable and less likely to scratch or chip. This option is becoming more and more popular for kitchens, so there are plenty of styles for you to peruse.