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Don't Be a Victim to Your Smart Home

Smart home technology has raised the bar on home security, allowing us to take safety into our own hands through the power of our devices.

But according to a recent article by Chandra Steele at, the internet of things (IoT) makes smart home devices, and therefore their owners, vulnerable to a myriad of risks by potentially opening doors to hackers.

Steele outlines a few precautionary steps homeowners can take to make sure they’re using their smart home devices safely:

Reset your router. Your router serves as the gateway to all your devices, so reset your router and rename it so that its brand and model are immediately identifiable. Change the default password and set up a guest network so that visitors don’t have access to the primary one you and your family use.

Use two-factor authentication. While not foolproof, turn on two-factor authentication for all devices you own, including wearables. User manuals will tell you how to do this.

Don’t share your password. Change the usernames and passwords that usually come with IoT devices, then don’t give them to anyone.

Review defaults. Check the settings on your IoT devices and turn off any unnecessary defaults or any that are sharing more information than you’re comfortable with.

Follow through on updates. Check for software updates regularly to ensure all vulnerabilities are patched. Even if you haven’t received a notification that an update is available, check the manufacturer’s site to see if any have been issued.