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6 Colors to Paint Your Ceiling

When it comes to getting creative with paint, it’s important to look beyond walls and accent furniture. In fact, let your gaze travel all the way up to the ceiling.
According to Better Homes & Gardens, choosing an unusual color for your ceiling will instantly add style and atmosphere to any room in your home. Here are six great choices to consider:

1. Dark Browns
Rich shades of brown make a room feel cozy and den-like, perfect for a study or family room...especially any room that has a fireplace. Browns that have undertones of gray will blend nicely with neutral décor.
2. Water Colors
Think calming pastels, like turquoise, blues, mint greens and lavenders. These soft colors are perfect for any room you want to relax in, like a bedroom or screened-in porch.
3. Grays
From pale shades to darker tones, grays add mood and sophistication to any room. They’re especially effective when a room is accented with white upholstery and linen. They can travel nicely from the dining room to a home office.
4. Bold Shades
Make an unexpected statement by using a bright pop of color on a small-space ceiling, such as in your bathroom. This strategy works particularly well when you have a monotone color scheme on walls and flooring below.
5. Blue Hues
Take your cue from Mother Nature and paint the ceiling any number of cool blue shades, from a soft sky blue to a cool, gray blue. A pale shade with just a hint of blue will actually make your ceiling look higher.
6. Bright White
If you’re going to opt for white, go beyond the standard fare and choose a bright white to contrast and really show off your wall color, as opposed to just blending in with it. 
Top off your room with one of these colors and bring a whole new personality to your home.