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The 4 Ds of a Successful Open House

If you recently listed your home for sale, your real estate agent might be planning to host an open house in the near future. Here are some ways you can help your home put its best foot forward:
  1. Depersonalize. Put away all personal photos, drawings from your children that are hanging on the fridge, birthday cards on the mantel and anything else that too closely connects you to your home. You want potential buyers to envision it as their home, and they can’t effectively do that if your presence is too pervasive.
  2. Declutter. This seems obvious, but we’re talking about more than just straightening up. Decluttering means getting rid of as much as you possibly can, making kitchen and bath counters, dining and accent tables, bureaus and bookcases as stark as possible. All you want to leave in place is the minimum necessary for décor, i.e., a vase of flowers, a coffee-table book or two, or an attractive bowl of sea shells…but not too many.
  3. Deodorize. Don’t try to cover up offensive smells with a spray or scented candle. Instead, get rid of them altogether with a deep clean. Call in a professional, if necessary. Bear in mind, you’ve gotten used to your home’s odors—good and bad—so adhere to your agent’s third-party opinion.
  4. Depart. Unless your agent instructs otherwise, make sure you’re not around for the open house. You want prospective buyers to freely inspect the ins and outs of your home and ask questions at will, without your potentially inhibiting presence. 
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