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How to Negotiate for More Than Salary

If you’re out there navigating the job market, obviously, garnering the right salary is at the top of your priority list. But if your ideal salary isn’t quite attainable just yet, there are other desirable perks you should consider negotiating. talked to human resource experts around the country who advised job seekers to bargain for some of the following advantages in addition to salary:

Paid time off. Work-life balance is more important than ever and paid time off comes at a premium in today’s overworked world, so if you can’t get the pay you’d like, see if you can get some additional vacation time.

Flex time. A good rule of thumb if negotiating for flex time, is to state that you will initially work the first few months in the office in order to fully familiarize yourself with the job and the team. Also be sure to emphasize that you will be available for onsite meetings and travel as needed. If you’re asking for flex time, it’s critical that you’re flexible on your end as well.

Student loan help. Some companies offer student loan repayment assistance programs to recent college grads. If a student loan is weighing you down, ask if this is a possibility.

Continuing education assistance. Tuition reimbursement for graduate or other programs related to your job may also be something the company is willing to consider. You’ll never know unless you ask.

Professional development. What can the company offer you in terms of training and/or classes that will help further your knowledge and career? Such education could prove far more valuable than a few additional dollars in your paycheck.

Coverage for child care costs. Parental benefits, such as child care costs, have become more popular in recent years, so be sure to ask if this is something the firm offers.

Health and wellness benefits. Would the company cover your gym membership? Provide the option to use a standing desk? If such benefits are important to you, ask!

Moving costs. Are you moving from out of town for the job? Find out if the company offers relocation assistance.

A better title. While your title won’t pay the rent, it can be an important stepping stone to your next job, and a cost-free item for your employer to provide.

A signing bonus, stock options or other incentives. Find out if a signing bonus, or any type of annual bonus, is a possibility. Also inquire about long-term incentives, such as stock options, if you’re at the management level...or planning to move up the ladder.

Remember, when it comes to a great employment package, salary is just one factor. Cover all the bases when you’re negotiating to come up with an arrangement that’s tailored to your particular needs.