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3 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Decor

Sometimes you look around your home and just crave some kind of an aesthetic change. But finding the money, energy and time to do a full-scale overhaul? That’s a different story altogether. If you need a design pick-me-up, try these small changes that still manage to pack a punch:

Swap some of your wall art for a mirror
Mirrors are great for reflecting light and making small spaces seem larger. They’re also a great minimalist touch and give the eye a break in a room where wall art is plentiful. You’d be surprised how much impact a full-length mirror can make.

Embrace plants, especially big ones
Sometimes all you need to give your space a fresh feel is a bit of greenery. A large, potted plant can give the space a lush and dramatic touch. Worried about keeping plants alive? Try a cactus or some succulents, both of which can subsist on very little water.

Try a rug in an unexpected room
Rugs are another way to change up a space. They add texture and can help define spaces. Try a small, luxuriously textured one in the bathroom or a larger, colourful one by the bed.

Changing up your home’s look doesn’t always mean large-scale projects. Sometimes it’s just about a few tweaks here and there to change your perspective.