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Save Money With These DIY Spa Day Ideas

Being pampered by someone else at a spa is relaxing—and expensive. If you don’t mind doing the beauty treatment yourself, you can do your own spa treatment at home and save a bundle.

Here are some DIY spa day ideas you can do at home:

A Soothing Atmosphere
Clean and declutter the room in your home where you’ll be doing your DIY treatments.

To create a calming mood, turn on some relaxing music, light candles or dim the lights, bring in a few plants and turn on an essential oil diffuser if you have one. Don’t use a cellphone on your spa day.

If you don’t have a robe, pajamas, sweatpants or other comfortable clothes, buy some. And get some comfortable slippers.

Prepare Drinks
For a spa day, keep hydrated with tea, fruit juice or fruit-infused water.

DIY Facials
We won’t go into all of the details of how to give yourself a facial on the cheap—you can find plenty of ideas by searching online—but it should start with a facial steam. This can be done over a bowl or sink of hot water, with warm towels, or a home facial steamer.

After that, create a mask to put on your face. It can be made with simple ingredients you find in your kitchen pantry: honey and oats mixed with hot water. DIY face masks can also be made with avocado, egg whites, milk and chocolate—though not all at the same time.

DIY Manicure/Pedicure
You may already have enough supplies to manicure your nails at home. If not, you can buy a nail file, cuticle cream, cuticle stick, nail buffer and nail polish at your local drugstore. You can make cuticle cream yourself at home, too.

For a pedicure at home, start by soaking your feet in warm water that you add Epsom salts or essential oils to. You can then do a Listerine foot soak to remove dead skin.

Once your feet feel refreshed, do a foot scrub. There are all kinds of recipes online that shouldn’t cost much money or need many ingredients. And whatever you do buy, you’ll have plenty to do it again and again.

There are also other things you can do for a DIY spa day at home. Ask your significant other to give you a massage, or simply put some vitamin E oil on your lips at night. Whatever spa treatments you do at home, your skin and your bank account will thank you.