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Generating Listings in a Historic Market
By Joe Sesso, Author and National Speaker for
It's no secret that every real estate agent is looking for the same thing: listings. In a market that has been called "historic," inventory is low and homes are selling for record prices. You may have found yourself struggling to generate listings, but with some tips from top selling agent, Sherri Johnson, you can achieve your listing goals.
This week, Johnson joined us for our Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar to share tips for generating five listings within 30 days. Johnson came prepared with several tips to generate listings that will give you some new tricks for your business as well.
Shift Your Thinking
"Opportunities are not lost, they go to someone else" is how Johnson started this week's webinar. She stated that while you may not win every opportunity, don't forget that there are many other opportunities out there for you.
Johnson also suggests that you should stop saying things like "there's no inventory" or "I'm waiting for something to come up in the MLS." Rather than keeping this mindset, you have to go out and find the listings yourself and be proactive by speaking with people who are willing to sell.
Build Confidence
In order to build your confidence as an agent, generate listings and conquer the market, Johnson says you have to "radically differentiate yourself." You start this by selling yourself as an agent; then you can sell a house.
Keep the mindset "I will find you your next house" and minimize the issue of low inventory. Even if this means you have to make 200 phone calls to potential sellers, you have to make the value you provide your clients stand out.
Conduct Virtual Seminars
With all of the virtual seminars, tradeshows and events going on due to COVID-19, Johnson suggests holding a Virtual Homeowner's Seminar on Zoom, or whichever platform you prefer. To learn how to conduct a virtual seminar and how they can help you generate listings, go here.
Keep in mind that during this market, you're not looking for sellers or buyers; you're looking for homeowners who will focus on the three R's: remodel, refinance, or relocate.
Video Marketing and Social Media
While attempting to generate listings, Johnson says you need to focus on your social media presence and video marketing. These two things set you apart from all of the other real estate agents out there for how you will help potential clients find a new home.
Below, you will find video marketing content you should focus on. With these tips, you can quickly and effectively reach more potential clients rather than just making phone calls.
- Introduction of your services
- Pre-marketing appointment
- Your homebuyer guide
- Communicate with video
- Client testimonials
- Community and schools
- Empathy, value, face to face
When it comes to social media, you can use your video marketing strategy directly on your social media platforms. No matter what platform you use, video is king when trying to connect with your followers to generate listings. For tips on creating the perfect videos for your business, go here.
Johnson definitely came prepared to share quite a few tips, and those included above are just the start. To view the recording of this week's webinar, head over to the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook Group to join in on the conversation.
Joe Sesso is director of Sales and national speaker for For more information, please visit

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