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4 Ways to Cope with the Stress of Moving
Moving to a new home is exciting, but the process is also bound to be stressful. Recognize that stress is a natural response to a major life change and follow these tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

1. Create a Plan
It’s common for people to feel so overwhelmed by all the tasks associated with moving that they don’t know where to begin. The process may feel more manageable if you break it down into a series of steps. Seeing things on paper and checking off tasks as you complete them can help you feel in control and ensure you don’t forget anything important. 

Figure out what you want to take to your new home and where things will go before you start packing. This will allow you to sort your belongings and pack them in boxes that are clearly labeled so you’ll be able to find things easily when you arrive at your new house.

2. Start the Moving Process as Early as Possible
People tend to greatly underestimate how long it will take to make arrangements with a moving company, assemble packing supplies, sort through their belongings and pack them up. When it comes to moving, a good rule of thumb is to assume that everything will take longer than you think it will and to begin to tackle things as soon as possible so you don’t feel overwhelmed as moving day approaches. 

Start with small, simple tasks. Getting some of those out of the way can give you a feeling of accomplishment and help you build the momentum you need to take on more challenging tasks. 

3. Get Help
If you’re moving to your new home with family members, split up jobs so no individual has to shoulder an unreasonable amount of responsibility. If you have other relatives or friends that live nearby who can help you, reach out and ask them to pitch in however they can. Even if friends come over for an hour or two to help you with packing, or to watch your children while you pack, that can help you make progress. Also, spending time chatting with loved ones can help you relax.

You may be able to get some friends or relatives to help you load up a moving truck and carry furniture and boxes into your new home, but hiring a moving company may be less stressful, even if it costs more. If you take that route, you won’t have to worry about heavy lifting, you’ll be covered against damage to your belongings and you may even be able to get professional help with packing.

4. Take Time for Yourself
Once you start packing and get into a groove, it can be tempting to keep going to get as much done as possible. However, that can cause burnout. During the moving process, be sure to get enough sleep, take relaxing breaks and get some exercise. Even a ten-minute walk around the block can be enough to help you recharge.

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