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Deidre Woollard


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Woollard, editor for Millionacres, spearheads the company’s community engagement with a goal of ensuring that real estate investors have the tools they need to make decisions about their investing strategies.

"Real estate is the most reliable way to build wealth and there are many paths to success."

In 2020, with a pandemic taking over the country, she led her team in creating a new podcast, as well as growing the Millionacres Paydirt newsletter to over 30,000 engaged subscribers. By creating and hosting The Millionacres Podcast, Woollard has created an entirely new brand that real estate investors can truly trust.

“Real estate is the most reliable way to build wealth. There are so many paths to success,” she says. In addition to her successes in 2020, Woollard has brought over a decade of experience to the company, helping to launch the Millionacres website and overseeing the social media channels.

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