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Alan Chang


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Alan Chang, vice president of title operations for JetClosing, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the title and escrow experience. He also keeps a close eye on industry trends and regulatory changes to share his unique perspective and educate his team on how the title and escrow space is evolving, both locally and nationally.

"What I’ve learned from this experience is that the ability to work flexibly is the key to market disruption. We are not telling agents and lenders that the way they operate is wrong, we just want them to know that we can make it a lot easier."

Chang is dedicated to leading through change, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. With an understanding that technology became more essential than ever before in the industry, he helped to bring peace of mind to the vast majority of customers, as well as agents, through a tech-savvy, mobile-preferred customer experience, offering digital services that could be completed remotely.

“What I’ve learned from this experience is that the ability to work flexibly—offering the convenience of a fully remote home closing as well as in-person closing experiences that are still sometimes preferred—is the key to market disruption,” Chang says.

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