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Nicole Lopez Cummins

True Houston Real Estate

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Nicole Lopez Cummins, founder and manager of True Houston, co-created an online platform where vendors who participated in traveling shows could display and sell their goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team also helped vendors set up Facebook Business pages and used funds raised to create Texas Relief Warriors, a disaster relief nonprofit that assisted victims of hurricanes.

"As real estate agents, we are pillars in our community. We are matchmakers. We are deal doctors."

"As real estate agents, we are pillars in our community," Lopez Cummins says. "We are matchmakers. We are deal doctors. Sometimes we have to use those skills in areas outside of the real estate transaction for the greater good of our communities."

Lopez Cummins followed in the footsteps of her grandmother and parents when she entered the real estate field. She is a property rights advocate who helps Houstonians build generational wealth through real estate. She has held several leadership positions and has received numerous awards.

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