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Marilyn Wilson

WAV Group

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Victor Lund and Marilyn Wilson are the founders of WAV Group, a strategic planning firm that has been serving brokers, franchises, MLS, REALTOR® associations, capital markets, and the technology firms that serve them for more than 20 years. Lund and Wilson focus their careers on innovation strategy, authoring change management, and supporting companies who aspire to lead their industry segment at enterprise scale.

“I pride myself on helping the industry collaborate to create meaningful and sustainable waves of changes.”

Given the breadth and depth of WAV Group services in research, planning, recruiting, public relations, M&A, vendor selection, compliance, etc., the firm is not only keenly aware of industry trends, but is able to assist in supporting industry-wide change. “I pride myself on helping the industry collaborate to create meaningful and sustainable waves of changes,” says Wilson.

This year, WAV Group launched its technology division, led by David Gumpper, and played a role in many big wins for its clients, including Elm Street acquisitions, DocuSign’s launch into mortgage and into Europe, the OJO merger, the expansion of RESO membership, and the Broker Public Portal hitting the milestone of 900,000 agents and over 1 million free leads to REALTORS®.

“WAV Group operates like the mechanical middle of a Rubik’s Cube, supporting the facets of associations of REALTORS®, multiple listing organizations, brokerage firms, franchisors and the technology companies that serve them,” says Lund. “As the cube twists and turns we observe change. The reward of consulting is the discovery of patterns that recur and the development of disciplined approaches to optimizing performance as change occurs.”

In addition to supporting the firm’s private clients, WAV Group has years of participation in the Council of MLS, The Realty Alliance, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, Upstream, the Broker Public Portal, and the Real Estate Standards Organization.