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Sevin Murdock

Progressive Property Group, LLC

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Sevin Murdock, a broker associate with Progressive Property Group, LLC in Colorado Springs, Colo., has set a higher standard for the industry and community. Even though she is only 20 years old, Murdock has completed more transactions than many rookies twice her age. In just two years, she created a successful nationwide social media campaign. Murdock was Miss Colorado Springs and ran for Miss Colorado while working full-time. She also sat on the committee for a local nonprofit organization. 

Murdock says she strives to overperform in anything she applies herself to.

Since her family has strong ties to Colorado Springs, Murdock understands the region's unique lifestyle. She uses the knowledge that she gained by growing up in the area, as well as her background in residential general contracting, to serve clients.

Murdock says she strives to overperform in anything she applies herself to and to make moving fun, seamless and stress-free. She focuses on helping people plant roots in the community and emphasizes the importance of teamwork to provide clients with a positive experience. 

"While I have profound gratitude for my accomplishments, it is disappointing for me to see how easily obtainable reaching a higher standard of doing better business is in our industry," Murdock says. "If I can come into the industry as a teenager with no previous knowledge or experience with the ability to educate, inspire and compete among top-producing professionals, I can't help but wonder where we are going wrong. How have I earned market share over brokers with such a strong hold?"