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Adam Contos

RE/MAX Holdings, Inc.

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Adam Contos, CEO of RE/MAX Holdings, Inc., recently demonstrated his forward-thinking leadership with the company’s booj initiative.

“There’s a lot going on at RE/MAX; it’s an exciting time for the brand.”

First came the decision to acquire web design and tech company booj in one of the largest investments RE/MAX has ever made. Rejecting safer routes, such as sticking with the current technology or contracting with a third-party vendor, Contos and his team put RE/MAX in control of its technological future. Then, rather than adapting one of booj’s existing systems for RE/MAX affiliates, Contos directed booj to build a RE/MAX solution from the ground up, incorporating feedback from thousands of future RE/MAX users.

In August 2019, RE/MAX launched the highly anticipated booj platform. Designed to elevate the experiences of homebuyers and sellers, booj combines CRM, deal and lead management, websites, and more, housed in a single solution.

“I’m constantly amazed by the power of the RE/MAX network and the accomplishments of our affiliates,” says Contos. “It’s humbling to lead such incredible professionals, and they inspire me every day with the commitment they have to the people they serve. There’s a lot going on at RE/MAX; it’s an exciting time for the brand.”

In 2019, Contos also made the local news for showing kindness to a stranger. During a flight home from Florida to Colorado, he befriended and helped an elderly Hurricane Dorian evacuee in need.

Contos came to RE/MAX in 2003 following a successful career in law enforcement. He took on several executive roles over the years before becoming CEO in 2018.