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David Marine

Coldwell Banker Real Estate

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In 2019, David Marine, Coldwell Banker's chief marketing officer, led Project North Star, the company's first rebrand in 40 years. He suggested the bold approach of testing the new logo in real-world scenarios. 

"It’s never just about you. Your decisions and actions always have a way of impacting others."

In 17 years at Coldwell Banker, Marine has held nearly every position within the marketing team. Marine led the development of the highest-scoring advertisements in the real estate industry, according to AceMetrix, for six consecutive years. He has also positioned the company at the forefront of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Marine previously worked for Lenskold Marketing Group, where he developed email marketing campaigns and became the company's youngest account manager. He conducted advanced research on strategic marketing plans for James D. Lenskold's book, Marketing ROI, and wrote the agency's first white paper on online privacy.

"When I was a kid and would go off to a sports tournament, camp, college or a new job, my parents always said, 'You’re not just representing yourself, you’re representing your family in everything that you do,'" Marine recounts. "Now as a marketer, a father and a leader, that sticks with me. When I go to work or give a talk, I constantly think about how I’m not just representing myself but so many others. There are so many people my actions can affect: my family (my wife and our four boys), my fantastic team of marketers, my bosses and the company as a whole. It’s never just about you. Your decisions and actions always have a way of impacting others.”

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