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For many agents, the fear of picking up the phone, rejection and lack of results stops them from even making the calls—especially as a beginner. In my workshops, I talk a lot about living from your commitment rather than your circumstances. If what you truly want is to succeed and thrive in this business, then you’ve got to start with a strong commitment to push past fear and anxiety, and just focus on the activities that will lead you to your goals.

That means prospecting—not the hard-close, super-sales person kind of calls, but rather the call to make the connection with people kind of calls. When you make it about the person you are calling—what they need, what questions they might have, if they’ve had a Neighborhood Market Report (fancy way of saying home price evaluation) done in the last two years which would give them a good gauge on their investment—and offer to be a resource, you are coming from a place of service, not sales. That is a game changer.

And I tell you, it’s not about “getting the appointment”—it’s about creating the good habit of making the calls and connecting. When you do, the appointments are a natural progression. Push past the fear and focus on the time commitment.

I tell my students to commit to the process of making calls at least three times per week, for at least an hour. For newer agents, add an extra day and an extra hour onto that commitment.

I’ll tell you a story. When my son was little, I took him to try out for baseball. He, like me, was not really a sporty kid, but he wanted to try it. When we got to the center where they were holding the tryouts and training, it got real, really fast. There were kids in there that looked like little boy Mickey Mantles from head to toe—like they were born to swing a bat.

My son wanted to leave. I knew that if I let him just walk away from that commitment, well it would set a precedence for future opportunities to walk away based on fear. He stayed. He went through the drills and he got in the batting cage and swung and swung. When we were done, he thanked me and said he had fun. I was crazy proud of him for just getting in the batting cage.

I’ll tell you another story. At my annual event this year, I told this story when teaching agents how to call FSBOs. One new agent drummed up her courage and went out to her car during the break and made calls to FSBOs using the dialogues I suggested in their handouts and what she had just learned from the session. Do you know what she did? She booked two appointments and surprised herself, inspiring fellow attendees.

She made the commitment to move past fear and make the calls.It wasn’t about the results—it was about making the calls. She “got in the batting cage.” The same can be true for you. Get out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t serve you. Instead, commit to creating a breakthrough. 

You’ve got this. I’m here to help, with a passionate community of Power Agents® that can be there for you as well. Learn more at

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