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If you’re just starting out and you joined a team or are thinking of joining one, having strong team building skills is critical. From setting clear goals for yourself to participating in teamwork exercises, there are a number of impactful ways to foster collaboration. These will even come in handy when dealing with other agents if you decide to go solo.

Here are three great ways to improve your collaboration skills:

Clarify responsibilities. One of the biggest areas of improvement is clarifying your specific role and responsibilities. Communicate with the folks you work with if you’re unsure of what’s expected of you on a daily basis and make sure there isn’t any overlapping of tasks. To collaborate effectively, all the members of a team and co-agents need to be aware of how their efforts are feeding into larger objectives.

Spend more time with team members/agents. As a real estate professional, getting away from the office often isn’t a difficult task, but it’s important. When it comes to team building, moving off site—whether it be for drinks or for a more adventurous activity like an improv class or escape room—can make it much easier to get to know your team members and other agents. And when it comes to collaboration, fostering those relationships is the name of the game. 

Employ engaging exercises. Improv classes and escape rooms help build relationships between team members and agents, but more engaging exercises are often just as important. As a new agent, you likely won’t be asked to head up a coaching session, but by being engaged when an experienced coach is brought in, you’re doing a great service to yourself and your colleagues. 

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